The Works of Olympic Peninsula Artist David Mills

The Works of Olympic Peninsula Artist David Mills

The Works of Olympic Peninsula Artist David Mills

About Me

I was born at a very early age in Bountiful, Utah and soon afterwards moved to Ogden, Utah and attended school there. 

School and I didn't get along so well, so I never finished high school and went to a trade school instead where I learned butchering and wood working and baking skills.

So, now you know how I have developed the recipe for my sour dough Elk Burger seasoned with old oak and cedar!

Hand-hewn Bird Houses Using All Natural Burrows and Knot Holes

My wife was preparing to purchase a couple of birdhouses for family as Christmas gifts, but since I was not employed, cash was tighter than normal.  I looked at these bird houses and told her, "Hold on, I can do that good."   She said, "They have to be good".

When Charlotte saw the bird houses I had made, she was very excited to give them to her sisters, and the rest is history!

Where's Dave?

I've got art at the Great Little Gallery in Port Angeles - open M-F 9am - 3pm and I have a booth at the Port Angeles Farmer's Market each Saturday from 10am - 2pm.

Use may also use my google calendar to find other events where you can find my work!

Dave created a showpiece, rustic and earthly, natural bird house art  for me that I get tons of positive comments for.  It is natural and beautiful and appreciated by our bird friends on our patio!

Doug Nevill
Port Angeles, Washington

Art Works by Dave Mills, AKA The Trim Reaper, Ricky Mortis, Halo Head for Hire and more ...

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If you have that special "something" that you would like me to custom create just for that "special someone" - which includes that very special "you", I'm happy to provide Commissioned Works to meet that need.

Media That I Routinely Work With

  • Wood (weathered, reclaimed and unique)
  • Metal (iron,
  • Plasma that I import from the sun (coming soon ... maybe ... maybe not)

See Some Previous Commissioned Projects Here

Dave The Movie Star - Bet You Didn't Know!

I've got videos that feature some of my art works and projects that I have worked on, a bunch of how to videos and some sundry videos of things that interest and intrigue me.  I separate them in two groups: how to videos and other videos.

Tap on one of the links below to start watching my videos!

What woods do you use for birdhouses? (Tap for Answer)

I use almost completely reclaimed wood.  I find unusual and what I consider to be beautiful pieces of varying, local species as I go about my work and expeditions into the woods.  The species of wood that I most often use are:

  • Cedar
  • Maple
  • Alder
  • Rhododendron
  • Azalea
  • Madrona

It should be noted that I NEVER cut anything down.  It is most often "yard waste" and their trash is my treasure!

The only exception to this is I am sometimes hired to cut down hazard trees.

I Get By With a Little Help from my Friends

I've got a few recommended resources - services that I find helpful as well as some places where I like to buy things.

Contact Me

My art office is located in Port Angeles Business Central and you can always find some of my works there, housed in the Great Little Gallery.  They are available for viewing and/or purchase.

Dave Mills Art
834 East Front Street, Suite C
Port Angeles, Washington 98362

Tel: (360) 457-1279

Want to email me?  Please use my contact form here.